Our Datacenter

Located at Contern, Luxembourg


Visual Online has its own modern data centre in Contern, Luxembourg. Thanks to carefully selected components and its proximity to important internet hubs, it is one of the top addresses for hosting in the country.


Top class connectivity

Our facilitity is connected to the global backbone of many telecoms and Internet service providers using redundant high-speed fiber connections.

To ensure fail-safe availability we use several redundant tier operators in BGP who guarantee us perfect interconnection on the main European exchange nodes.


Guestlist only

Physical security is ensured by an intrusion protected building and total access control.

All entrances and exits, as well as the rooms themselves, are monitored by cameras around the clock.


The perfect climate

Our centres are equipped with air conditioning systems to regulate fresh air and ambient air humidity.

With our "Cold Isle/Hot Isle" system, we make the best possible use of cooling capacities, thus protecting not only the environment but also the lifetime of the hardware hosted with us.


Fail-safe electricity

Our Datacenter is powered by a fully stabilised, uninterruptible AC supply protected from outside interference. UPS ensure that the equipment in each bay receives a clean supply. Generators take over in a few seconds and support the architecture if the electricity supply fails. In addition to pro-active maintenance, the generators are regularly tested and powered up to ensure they function perfectly should they be needed.


Gives fires no chance

Already at the planning stage, care was taken to minimise risks whenever possible. And just in case, we have installed fire detection and extinguishing systems that detect hazards almost immediately as soon as they arise and initiate countermeasures without delay.

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